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6th April 2019

For several weeks the site has not been working correctly, with none of the databases being accessible. The site has been migrated to another new server, with updated versions of databases and software that have necessitated a complete rewrite of the underlying code. This is still a work in progress but I've uploaded the site so that the databases are now searchable. If you find anything that's not working correctly, please let me know.

One of the things we have done is to take a "mobile-first approach". This underlying principle is to design for the smallest screen first and then move upwards, there are now increasing numbers of people use mobile devices such as iPads, rather than traditional desktop computers.

19th May 2017 has now migrated to a new server, which has meant I've had to make lots of changes to the web site (well actually I told my husband to do it!!!). Unfortunately, these changes should make no difference to the appearance of the site nor its content. Apparently, it's something to do with site security! If you notice any errors on the site or pages loading incorrectly etc please let me know and I'll fix it (tell my husband to do it!!!!!)

2nd May 2017

I've now passed my Masters degree with a Merit. I'm feeling very proud of this!!

On 2nd May I started my Phd at the University of Leicester. I'm doing it part-time so it could take me up to 8 years, but I'm aiming to complete it in 4 years.

6th April 2016

It's remarkable how quickly time passses. I've just realised that it's been 4 years since my last update. In that time I've earned a first class honours degree in Sociology from Worcester University, with my dissertation being on "The Relevance of Personal Name Choice" and I'm now studying for my Masters at Leicester University. After completing that, I'm hoping to do my Doctorate. I haven't decided exactly what I want to research but am hoping to combine it with genealogical research around Wedmore.

I am grateful to Michael Tutton who has let me have his full transcript of the Wedmore Parish Records of baptisms, marriages and burials. There are 11,805 baptism, 3,732 marriage and 12,935 burial records. That's a total of 28,472 records!!! I have made these searchable by surname; I've made it a soundex search so it will return both the actual name and similar sounding variants. I'd be grateful for any feedback and comments.

Michael Tutton has also made available

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Wedmore Chronicles
A Brief History of Wedmore
Pills, Potions And Plasters and
Dr. Westover's Journal.

These are all available on the Wedmore Local History Pages

5th February 2012

It's been a long time since my large update to the site. Unfortunately, my web designer (actually my husband!) has been unwell but has now recovered sufficiently to do some work for me!!
I've now completed major updates to both the SomersetLarders and Wedmore Families databases with both amendments to previously published data together with new data. As always, I'm grateful to everyone who has helped by providing me with updates and new data. Please let me know if you find the site helpful.

12th June 2008

I've just completed a major update to the whole site, both the SomersetLarders section and Birch Tree. The update consists of a new colour scheme, together with some fixes to the tree view (pedigree tree) layout of the family / surnames indexes. These should both improve consistency between different browsers and, more importantly, make searches of the databases faster.
This will be vital since I've added an additional 17,462 individuals in an additional 4,914 family groups to the database, as well as making a large number of updates to the previous data. I've increased the previous totals of 21872 individuals in 6958 family groups to 39334 individuals in 11,872 family groups. I'm grateful to everyone who has submitted updates and additional data and especially to Tim Curtin who has provided a large amount of the new material.

2nd July 2006

I've just uploaded a full re-build of the SomersetLarders genealogical database, with over 400 new names, principally of the Williams family.

15th May 2006

I have recently been researching my great-great-uncle, John Larder via a series of photos with Dick Daake. We are keen for any advice or info on the attached set of photos. Please contact me with any information you may be able to provide. Many thanks.

3rd December 2005

Many thanks to everyone who has provided me with updates, amendments and additions to my Wedmore Families pages. The pages are now fully updated. Please let me know of any additional amendments etc, so that I can incorporate these as well.

16th November 2005

It is with great regret that I have to announce the death of my cousin and close friend Mel Lader.

March 2005

It's been a while since I last updated the on-line content of my SomersetLarders on-line database, so I've uploaded my latest version. There are a variety of new names, plus some details - birth etc - that I've found out since my last update.

January 2005

My SomersetLarders ancestry is my paternal line. Although I've put a considerable amount of effort into tracing this ancestral line, I've not worked so hard on my maternal line. However, I am now starting to change this and have included a small section within my site showing my research so far into this area. The line is centred around the towns of Melton Mowbray and Oakham in the counties of Leicestershire and Rutland, England respectively.

September 2004

Im glad to see that is no longer trading. However, I'm naturally still annoyed that anyone should "con" any fellow genealogical researchers.

December 2003

WARNING - dangers of on-line buying
I'm keen to find out if anyone else has failed to receive 1891 and 1901 census microfiche records ordered from
If so, please contact me.

October 2003

I've made some amendments to the entries for the FISHER family in the "Wedmore Families" database. This updated information has been kindly provided by Pat Cryer

August 2003

On 4 August 2003, I visited the graveyard of Wedmore Wesleyan Chapel to record details of names recorded on the gravestones. I have recorded my findings here. I would not describe this as "Monumental Inscriptions" but as a record of the names listed. However, I hope you will find it useful. My own interest results from one of the burial names being my second great grand uncle, John Larder, who is a former lay minister of the chapel.
I have also published a photograph and a short section about the chapel.

24th May 2003

I've finally added a new layout to the genealogy data pages. To access the new view, find the individual you are interested in, then click on this icon. Tree View Icon I've also added approximately 100 new names to the database. You may notice a bold "health warning" at the top of each page. In spite of the pop-up I'd previously put on each page, I've received a couple of "grumbles" from visitors.
I've also taken this update as an opportunity to increase the consistency of the navigation sidebars. Previously, there were several sidebars with slight variations on each. There are now just two, one of which is the "Local History Pages" which contains a large drop-down menu.

17th May 2003

Many people have asked me for the meanings of certain terms used in various genealogical records. These words often have a slightly different meaning to their modern equivalents. However, many are also not encountered today, e.g. Latin words. So, I've created a basic glossary of terms.

March 2003

I've created an "On This Day In History" page. This tells you who was born, christened, married etc on this day in history. You can go to the pages via the "Today in History" button on the navigation bar on the left.
William, my husband and web designer, has discovered a minor bug in the genealogy data pages. He has fixed it and taken the opportunity to change the layout of children on the page slightly. He's working towards a tree layout for the pages that he hopes will be ready soon. This will be in the standard vertical tree-style layout.

January 2003

I've added a couple of interesting comments taken from the Meare Parish records. One of these relates to Meare and the other to Godney.

October 2002

I've added over 3,000 more names to the genealogy data pages, as well as making some amendments to some of the data in the "old" version. Thanks Tim.
As always, if you find any errors, please contact me.
Also, I'd be grateful if you'd let me know if you find any bugs in the programming.

I've also added a link to Steve Baker's Family History Pages. Steve is specifically researching the Baker and Knapton surnames but currently has 15 references to the Larder surname in his on-line database.

September 2002

Yet again, I've (hopefully!!) improved the performance of our genealogy data pages. You can now search all of the databases for all listed names, using a free text search. Not only this but by using a combination of wildcard (%) and forenames, you can search for an individual by surname and forenames, using spelling variants.
I'm keen to receive feedback on whether you find this useful, and for any other suggestions you might have about the site.

July 2002

I have completely re-designed our genealogy data pages. They are set out under two headings:

June 2002

Traditional Somerset Work

This photograph shows my Great Uncle Tom Larder, who spent all his working life employed as a turfman.

My Family History Pages

I have completely re-designed my family history pages. The new design allows the trees to be viewed in both page format and as a chart.

City of Wells

My new City Of Wells section shows several old photgraphs that I have recently acquired, together with a lovely rhyme about Wells.

Burial Records - Lakeview Cemetery, Skaneateles

I regularly refer to these records using my own format searchable by whole or part surnames.