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Somerset Parish Records

A few years ago I visited Skaneateles in upstate New York with my cousin, Mel Lader and his family. I was aware from discussions that we had held, together with our joint research, that a large number of ex-Somerset people had populated the area around Skaneateles. I was amazed, however, at the number of "Somerset" surnames on the gravestones in Lakeview Cemetary. So much so, that I have now included a full listing of burials. If you look at the numbers of people who originally came from the Somerset area, I am sure that you will be amazed too!

Larders and variants have been extracted from the following Somerset parishes and listed.

Michael Tutton has kindly let me post his transcript of Wedmore Parish Records of baptisms, marriages and burials. I have made these searchable by name but since this is a soundex search it will return both the actual name you search, together with similar sounding variants. If you feel that the records should be searchable by different criteria, please let me know. Finally, we're all human and since this is a transcript if you notice any errors, please let me know!!

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