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Origins Of The Name Larder

I guess a good place to start is with the meaning of my Surname. There appears to be various ways of spelling the name, but the common theme is that it seems to have originated in France or thereabouts and is an Occupational name.


According to ‘A Dictionary of English Surnames’
LARDERER is a derivative of Old French LARDIER, originally 'a tub to keep bacon in', later, 'a room in which to keep bacon and meat'; hence, 'officer in charge of the larder'.
Surnames Book
occupational name - meaning "in charge of larder or of pannage for hogs" (Pannage means "pasturage of swine; acorns, beech-mast, as food for swine.")

Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames

local, 'of the Larder', an official who superintended the larder or place for the reception of lard. Old FrenchLardier, "a tub to keep bacon in".

We can see there are two themes that are consistent with the family surname, no matter how it is spelt:

  1. it appears to be from Old French
  2. it had something to do with hogs and the keeping of them.